Right Action

Right Action is loving, compassionate, and appropriate
to the present moment's needs and circumstances.

Right action is also non-harming, as circumscribed by the precepts,
e.g., no killing, stealing, lying, (see Buddhism in a Nutshell).

Our actions depend on our emotions, thinking, and understanding.
For our actions to be right
our intentions, views, understanding, and so forth
must also be right.

Right Action is spontaneously created, or brought forth,
in taking care of the present, with responsiblity for the future.
Aiken-Roshi's right is "in accord with the essentially vacant,
interdependent, and richly varied nature of things".

No action is frequently the right action, as in:

What not to consume,
What to not do, and when,
Some things defy measurement,

This page is partly taken from my Right, According to Buddha,
that roughly outlines Thich Nhat Hahn's book "The Heart of Buddha's Teaching"

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