Jakkoan Zendo

The zendo is open, for silent meditation.

Jakkoan Zendo was named by Hojosama Keibun Otogawa,
and dedicated by Shoho Michael Newhall, Resident Teacher at Jikoji.

Keibun translated his Calligraphy as:
"jaku" calm, quiet, deep silence
"ko" - light
"an" - small zendo, hermitage

"Radiant Hut" is another translation

The wood and glass structure of about 24 by 16 feet
was built with recycled materials
that blend within its secluded meadow
surrounded by redwoods, oaks, and bay trees.

The following thumbnail images links are to snapshots, looking:

AboveHut HutS HutTrueSE InHutNW InHutSE
west, from above north, into northwest, outside inside, northwest inside, southeast

The zendo is always open, for individual silent meditation.

Call Cliff @ 4083531478, or email Jakkoan Zendo, for information.

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