Images, Ideals, and Avoidance

According to some biblical passage
we are created in God's image, or likeness.
Yet as in: "have no other gods before me"
we should see beyond or through images.

Our major image of God is of a paternal being
like us, but without human failings, or aging.
Any image falls short of reality, and God,
representing instead our best ideas and approaches thereto.

Ancient Greeks thought their Gods
were like humans, with travails and foibles,
suffering joy and loves, and even births,
with various powers, and immortality.

Plato, and others, considered conceptual ideals
such as numbers, lines, and other geometric shapes,
as an independent and possibly superior realm
of Ideals, that transcended nature.

More recent theologians avoid writing about God
feeling that such stories detract
from our sense of God, and of the sacred
Ancient Jews avoided using even His name

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