..."Nothing succeeds like excess"..

Years of trying to achieve,
and trying to get rid of what ails me,
while hiding my ugliness and incompetence,
and concealing unacceptable urges and cravings, e.g., An alternative strategy
to take care of these common hindrances,
despite neurotic impulses to hide, and hide them,
is to outrageously promote and publicise them.

For example, despite ignorance of poetic sensibilities,
and of the depths of Zazen and Shikantaza,
I publish my website
with its half-true stories and ideals.

More popular are various blogs
everyday professions
publicly proclaiming juicy sinfulness
and lavishly comparing recent, lurid experiences.

If such publicity does not address the underlying problems
at least it does not hypocritically hide them
particularly from the mindful self, and others
who may look, care, and possibly help.

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