Context Free Teachings

Can Teachings, i.e., of what is true for each of us,
be independent of our diverse languages and cultures,
and be free from our even more diverse assumptions and beliefs?

What Teachings are free of the context
of a particular language and society
and of a particular Church or religion?

Most churches both socialize and teach,
but church ceremonies become something to do
until ceremonial content and context obscure Teachings.

Teachings outside the context of a Church or Religion
for example Christ's parables, Zen's koans, and Sufi stories,
may be largely independent of particular cultures.

Most teachings simply say what not to do
for example, in commandments or precepts such as
"thou shalt not kill" or "no taking the gift not yet given".

Buddha's Noble Truths, and Eightfold Path
are straightforward and context free,
saying what to do, a very notable exception.

Teachings may convey ideas and ideals,
yet both the Bible and the Sutras
include errors and are open to misinterpretation.

Key teachings promote love, kindness, and compassion,
not harming, cultivating good, helping,
and purifying, or finding and being true to oneself.

Teachings and practices leading toward mindfulness and awakening
do not needlessly promote ceremonies or habitual behaviors;
yet they are not neutral, nor are we.

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