Consciousness, Attention, Intention

Realizing no particular I, me, or mine;
No controller, container, or director of experience.

Despite feelings and sensations in my body
Despite thoughts and emotions in my mind,
Despite energy surging within and outside
Despite light, aliveness and being
That mind claims as central, at least while awake.

No difference between inside and outside.
Instead consciousness intensifies locally but spreads fluctuating
Mind attaches and builds on some idea or desire
and latches onto words that it can think ... ad nauseum.

Who am I? What is this?
Koans have no answer, except
What is implicit in attention and consciousness
as thoughts and intentions change.

Giving in and giving up, resting in Zazen,
Knowing nothing but immediacy, changing consciousness and attention.
Thoughts rest, slow and easy, patient of mind's fixes;
Then spinning, flapping, yapping, and planning.

Selfing is minds preoccupation
That returns to immediacy occasionally.
Body and mind, chemistry and biology, molecules of atoms,
!Quantum probability distributions in spacetime.

Feels wonderful getting up
Fixing consciousness, attention and intention.

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