Prospective Obituary for Cliff Isberg (me)

I was born in 1935 and raised in Fairbanks Alaska, then a small isolated frontier town that became increasingly dominated by the military and defense construction industries during and after World War II.

After graduating summa cum laude in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alaska in 1957, I married Ann Maloney, an attractive nurse who worked briefly in Anchorage after receiving her RN. We moved to California's Bay Area and thereafter had five wonderful children, Theresa, Peter, Mary, Wes, and Erin; they still live in the Bay Area except for Peter, now in Pennsylvania, and Erin, now in Sacramento.

I worked for IBM's Advanced Systems Development Division in San Jose from 1960 to 1970, and completed my PhD from Stanford funded by an IBM fellowship. After leaving IBM in 1970, and after several small business ventures, I joined SRI International in Menlo Park in 1972. By retirement from SRI in 1995 I had led over 50 major SRI research and/or consulting projects for SRI's corporate clients. Many projects were conducted for major computer manufacturers or international banks, and focussed on development of computers and technologies for applications in business.

A painful divorce in 1970 followed by years of intensive soul-searching led me to Zen Buddhism. I married Caroline Bliss in 1982; and we moved to our home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1988. After retirement I worked on our property and also studied and wrote, as "published" on my web site Mind and Meditation.

I was ordained as a monk in 2010 at Jikoji, a zen retreat center, and received Dharma Transmission in 2015 from my teacher Shoho Michael Newhall, Jikoji's Resident Teacher. Please help support Jikoji

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Family Roots, from the 1900s.

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