Information and directions for Jakkoan Zendo

Jakkoan is a small hut
just six cushions or chairs.
Quiet radiance hut, not sacred or holy,
except perhaps for grace, practice, and nature.

Be upright, fully present, belonging,
even without sangha, schedule, forms or ceremonies.
Honor our spiritual ancestors who established
Zen, Zazen, and similar meditation practices.

Although ultimate truth and source are beyond our faculties
through zen practice we may realize validities.
There are also lies, damn lies, and statistics
that we reliably bet and plan on.

Within my neighborhood of private roads, you are my guest.
After I leave, there is a chance that
someone else will become Jakkoan's custodian
and continue its "always open" tradition.

If not, when I leave, Jakkoan will be offered to Jikoji
to disassemble and reassemble on Jikoji's choice of site.

Jakkoan is about 0.7 miles from the Middle gate.
Walk up the dirt logging road on the left about 200 yards,
staying to your right at the Ts,
and in another 200 feet you will see the zendo on your right.

Alternately, about 0.75 miles from Middle gate,
walk up the steep trail from Middle.
Continue up the stairs to the top
you will see the zendo on your right.

Email Cliff for more information.

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