Being, Knowing, and Doing

Being, Knowing, and Doing

In Buddhism, we dedicate our efforts
to all sentient beings, but not to all being.
To my mind that misses the point of being itself,
which is what is: happening.

The distinction between life and being may be extraneous
from the viewpoint of physics, atoms and energy.
Yet life, based on reproducing cells and organisms,
is essential to evolution, and thinking.

One intuits that there is a purpose in evolution,
from primeval ooze toward intelligent life.
Yet such purpose, and intelligence,
in directing life's evolution must have predated it.

Distinctions between good and bad, based on altruism, are ideas
that, while central to religion and ethics, may be misleading.
Zen's original mind does not depend on precepts
of non-harming, doing good, and purification.

Being versus doing reflects our dilemma
being is and does but may not know.
Purpose is key, if only to our delusions,
while everything changes.

If you have no preferences,
and no desires or aversions,
you may be enlightened,
or you may have Alzheimer's disease.

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