Ego and Ownership

Ego mediates id's "I want..." and super-ego's "I should...."
with repetitive self-centered thoughts, encrusting into attitudes.
Ego is id's cover-up and super-ego's apologist
and ego claims everything for its own.

What we call "me" stems from our frontal lobes.
Our habits of thought, and our meandering ruminations,
are motivated by wants and reinforced by repetition
within the chemistry and neurology of the brain.

Ego embraces whatever "I" own as Mine!
My home, property, profession, business, family, and community!
Alas, egocentric thoughts do not have much to do with reality:
the actual people, places, and things involved.

Ego and feelings of ownership are intertwined,
masking differences between conscious thought and reality.
Thoughts are stimulated by emotional undercurrents,
and "turf" (mine!) desires underly many thoughts.

Yet meditation may facilitate the surrender
of a neurologically self-centered brain
to awareness of many other perspectives,
including the ego's hidden motives, and madness.

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