What Greater?

What greater gift?

This moment, fresh and new:
Suchness, things as they are, happening.
Being alive, feeling, sensing, conscious, aware;
Able to love, appreciate, and enjoy.

What greater miracle?

The absolutely incontrovertible miracle of being
That this is, is incredible!
The big bang and subsequent evolution of the universe
is as implausible as its certain end is inevitable.

What greater faculty?

We do not cause ourselves, nor are we aware
of our subconscious motives, incessant thoughts and emotions.
We see ourselves, ignoring the vastness of nature and our universe.
Nothing is greater than human ignorance.

Why This?

Why this particular conception, birth, and childhood?
Why this marriage, children, and jobs? Why me?
Considering imagination's myriad alternatives
Why our particular history, society, and universe?

What greater loss?

A lifetime of moments, each filled with
ignorance, delusion, anguish, and dissatisfaction,
wanting fame and fortune, envying others,
hating one's pettiness and mediocrity.

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