On my perceptions of energy flow

Circulating Energy

During the day, and during Zazen
I sometimes try to circulate energy
First concentrating and working upward with each breath
Through three or four areas going up my spine, then two or three in my head.

After my 1977 winter practice period at Tasajara monastery,
following the final Zazen of an intensive week-long seshin,
I playfully circulated energy freely,
much like a cowboy's larriat, that I finally projected onto the alter.

Increasingly, I am sometimes aware
of much more limited but spontaneous circulation.
My intention forces its circulation a bit,
although I am not certain that the exercise is beneficial.

It seems like the primary effect, while mild
with pain in stretched areas, and stress between the eyebrows,
is to internally wash my frontal lobes, (and my face, organs, and spine),
prehaps altering my egocentric expectations and attitudes.

An article by Maezumi Roshi, a deceased Zen master,
advocates Qi Gong energy circulation during Zazen.
(saying it generally moves about 1 foot per second)
So I continue this practice, with his encouragement.

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