Friends' Conclusions

The following thoughts are from friends
who intensively practiced meditation for years
but later settled into conventional lifestyles.

Jan commented that when he walks through a room
there is just walking through.
(My understanding was that Jan does not create or perceive
barriers between himself and his surroundings).

Jerry, after decades of practice, said
it all comes down to appreciation,
(which I understood as meaning
appreciation dissolves the barriers).

When asked whether meditation makes us better
Mary Kate emphatically said "you don't get better,
you just get more comfortable with yourself;
I'm still a bitch and I'll always be one."

Celia, my 90-year young mother-in-law,
although never a mediatator, wrote
"it came to me the other day
that the best preparation for dying
is the same as for living,
living well in the moment".


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