Levels in Meditational

There are many possible objects, and levels, of meditation;
seeking some degree of attainment or recognition
concentrating on an object, or objective
striving for desired or needed changes.

One may attempt to "get better"
to become more effective and efficient
and to attempt to attain specific goals or objectives,
either material or spiritual.

One might alternatively try to become fully mindful
to realize peace and happiness in ones life, and to share them,
while mending one's emotional undercurrents amd thought habits
that through unconscious formations undercut mindfulness and satisfaction.

One might strive for some altered state of consciousness
channeling spiritual estasy or bliss into the world
to see and express God's design, in harmony with the universe
aiding the spiritual development of life within the universe.

One might also meditate to attain capabilities
that can be interpreted as being miraculous
such as those commonly attributed to sages, mystics, and masters
who help others, and lead the way toward spiritual truths.

Perhaps the highest objective is to object-less
instead complete awareness and mindfulness here and now
perhaps realizing through meditation "suchness", reality, and truth
and appreciating one's ordinary life yet extraordinary being.

Many of us meditators get to some degree attached
to personal objectives that however altruistic
may limit and paradoxically hinder meditation
forgetting Krishnamurthi's "truth is a pathless land"

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