Buddhist Precepts, and Interpretations

Precepts are usually interpreted as moral guidelines or preference for behavior, but may simply be Aspects of Truth, as seen by a Buddha or seen in the realm of the absolute in which everything, and every behavior, is just as it is. In an egocentric interpretation, precepts are superego's commands to the ego to balance the urges of the id. If there is no self or ego involved, everything that happens is an aspect of truth.

Aspect of Truth Precept
Everlasting No Killing
UngraspableNo Stealing
FreeNo Attachment
InexplicableNo Lying
PureNo Intoxication
FaultlessNo Blaming
EqualNo Praise or Blame
PervadingNo Greed or Stinginess
No SelfNo Anger
OnenessNo Abusing the 3 Treasures
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