Dharma Ratios, In Proportion

Buddha Ratio

Ordinary Being
Nirvana, Nothingness

An Infinite Singularity

Zen Ratio

Ordinary Being
True Nature

Is < 1, Less than One

Zazen Ratio

Disappearing in the Sitting
Just Sitting, Being Nothing

Is Indeterminate

Actuality, Reality = Always One

Zen, Ordinarily = Not One, Not Two

Other Significant Ratios

Humanism is to Buddhism

as Buddhism is to Zen

as Zen is to Zazen

as Zazen is to Shikantaza

as Shikantaza is to Sesshin

as Sesshin is to Sammadhi

Dogen Zengi wrote that Zazen is

The Dharma Gate of Great Joy and Ease
Undefiled Practice Enlightenment

(albeit way out of context)

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