Shikantaza Meditation

Shikantaza meditation is beyond words, and cannot be described in words. However many zen teachers have used suggestive words and phrases such as
    just sitting, meticulously upright
    wholeheartedly being here now
    already complete
    desireless, notion-less emptiness
    right effort, leading to no effort
    totally subjective body-mind-universe
    big mind, and small mind, are one mind
    being shikantaza, being koan
    merging, being absorbed
    koan "Who am I?"
    koan "What is This"
    aware, present and inclusive
    each moment fresh, and new
    purely experiential
    the self selfing itself, for itself
    the dharma gate of joy and ease
    innocence of Time
    consciousness becoming conscious of itself
    think not-thinking, non-thinking, beyond thinking
    One must disappear in the sitting
    don't go anywhere, just stay here
    being empty of oneself
    no preferences, desires or aversions
    non objective, free of objects
    dropping off body and mind
    letting go of ideas, ideals
    non judgmental
    no ego, I, me or mine
    no hope or expectation, conscious or unconscious
    non-excluding, non-belonging
    releasing all energy, and effort
    not gaining, attaining, accomplishing
    "when we sit we are nothing, we do not even realize what we are"
    "not clinging to self, not even holding a perception of self"
    awareness resting on awareness

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