Faith and Confidence in Sitting
Personal and Impersonal
Mixing Bowl
I, me and mine --- changing's changelings
Hara, center of gravity
Ego, center of consciousness but influenced by unconscious seeds
Self, center of unconsciousness
Who am I?
Realize, Actualize, Manifest

Redesigning the romantic aesthetic
Hillman's Acorn/Daimon
Want to be here?
Want to escape, to a better ... ?
Want another human life?
Aesthetic Intelligence, Ferrucci's "Beauty and the Soul"
Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence"

Redesigning the spine, and nervous system
What is This? What is enlightenment?
Jewel Mirror Sammadhi: You are not it, it is You
I (ego) being absorbed in THIS/Suchness, at every moment
Sawaki: Zazen as the Self Selfing Itself
Shikantaza, just sitting with each/all, without ego (desireless, notionless, empty)
Kobun: One must disappear on the cushion, it is the only way. Otherwise, pathological
Suzuki: Boddhisatva's One Way: just practice, don't look at the tracks
sheri's 3
tilopa's 5+1
whole hearted practice in each moment
Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Full awareness of Breathing, 24 points
TNH injured inner child

Faith and Confidence: Maesumi
Buddha, without Dharma
The Dharma, without us
Clinging to the clock
Praying for the bell

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