An outline for a talk on October 3 2010.
The main ideas, based on recent books, are centered.
Editorial notes and opinions are left justified.

Truth, and Precepts: Two renderings of the Unmistakable Truth Precept:

Way Seeking Mind

... "to fly like a bird, with complete freedom" ...

Way: Practice and Mindfulness

... ordinary mind is the way ...
The Way of Zen was for milenia monastic
Monasticism is examined from both eastern and western perspectives in

Reference: "Benedict's Dharma: Buddhists Reflect on the Rule of St. Benedict"
... with an Afterword by David Steindl-Rast, OSB

from Brother David's Conclusions

Way Seeking: How I Came to This

Reference: "Boom Town Boy" by Jack De Yonge

Bio: Fairbanks Alaska, 1935-1957, the northernmost wild westernmost IBM Los Gatos Advanced Systems Development 1960-1970 SRI 1972-1995

Way Seeking Mind: What Is This?

Reference: "The Heart of Buddha's Teachings" and other books by
Thich Nhat Hahn
... Buddhism is not one ... each country always acquires a new form of Buddhism ...
... interbeing, empty of a separate self-nature
... "Perfect Understanding is a great mantra" ... the 8-fold path

Kobun's 4 Vows, a soft and flexible mind not holding to fixed views
practice ... upright posture, waves of attention, intension ... problems
noticing thoughts, sensations, emotions, sense of location in consciousness
Sesshins, Sammadhi, Jhanas, gradual non-attainment, glimmers of big mind

Summary From Mary Oliver's poem "Bone"

Future Talk?

Reference: "I am a Strange Loop"
by Douglas Hoffstadler
Scientists, and many informed people, know that "I, me, mine" are ego's fiction
brain, body, senses, and outside influences are interdependent
Freud's Ego, Id, and Super-ego influences compete; as inner parent adult and child
Jung's stages of development, unconscious, and archetypes have immeasurable influences

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