Right Concentration

Right Concentration is to make ourselves
deeply present, open, and clear.

With right concentration
we no longer need distinguish between ourself and others
or needlessly discriminate among objects;
instead we reside in peace and happiness.

In selective concentration one chooses an object and holds it,
at the most gross level by thinking about it, and
at more refined levels by increasingly subtle means.

TNH lists 9 levels of concentration
the first four levels are in the realm of forms,
level 5 is limitless space,
level 6 is limitless consciousness,
level 7 is nothingness, and
level 8 is neither perception nor non-perception.

In these 8 levels ignorance and internal formations
are intact in our unconscious.

The 9th level, Cessation,
is cessation of ignorance
in our feelings and perceptions.

In Cessation, we are transformed and purified;
purification is of our internal wars of consciousness,
and afflictions of greed/hatred, confusion, doubt, pride, and so forth.

Some failures of right concentration include:
The Integration of Experience
Anxiety, and Gas

This page is mostly taken from my Right, According to Buddha, that roughly outlines Thich Nhat Hahn's book "The Heart of Buddha's Teaching"

Basic Buddhist guidelines are listed in my Buddhism in a Nutshell
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