Guidelines, from Sheri Huber

Pay attention
Don't believe anything
Don't take it personally

Pay attention

Be mindful, embraced by mindfulness, of
sounds, sensations, emotions, perceptions, intuitions
thinking, planning, imagining or daydreaming,
and of the activities and relationships around your presence.

If your mind wanders or gets stuck on one channel
Bring it back gently to your immediate present, this moment
particularly your body, mind, seeing, and breathing
and to whatever else is included in your being.

Don't believe anything

There are many one-sided beliefs
that limit your awareness and openness;
usually that you are too weak,
or your practice is poor and you are inadequate.

These self-punishing thoughts reflect self-hating emotions
but they pass, along with your trying to achieve some state
seeking goals and attainments, such as enlightenments
daydreaming and planning too pass, along with your drifting mind.

You may have good feelings, such as of oneness with the universe
or even of pervasive openness, holiness, and sacredness
These too will pass,
as you gently bring yourself back to paying attention.

Don't take it personally

In taking it peronally you separate yourself
from your situation and others
as wel as from your meditation,
and the universes surrounding your being

Also, in taking it personally, you may take credit
coming back to your goals and ambitions
formed through unconscious desires, and suffering,
and you will not be satisfied with your meditation.

Note: These three guidelines are taken from an article by Sheri Huber,
a Zen teacher and the author of "There is Nothing Wrong with You", and other books.
(The lines however are mine: easier and briefer than following Sheri's article.}

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