J. Krishnamurthi's "Meditation"

Motivation for Considering Mindfulness and Meditation

A stiking paragraph from J. Krishnamurti's book "Meditations" is quoted below:

"Meditation at that hour was freedom
and it was like entering into an unknown world of beauty and quietness;
it was a world without image, symbol or word, without waves of memory.
Love was the death of every minute,
and each death was the renewing of love.
It was not attachment, it had no roots, it flowered without cause,
and it was a flame that burned away the borders,
the carefully built fences of consciousness.
It was beauty beyond thought and feeling,
it was not put together on canvas, in words or in marble.
Meditation was joy and with it came a benediction."

The first of three specific Prefaces to meditation.

Mind and Meditation