Thinking, and Distractions

Thinking, and Distractions

When you notice you are thinking or distracted
welcome it, then put it aside
and reestablish your proper context
of posture, breathing, sensations, feelings, and thinking.

When you are satisfied, return to Zazen
letting Zazen sit Zazen
not trying to figure anything out
not trying to make something happen
just relax, and rest, in your proper context.

Posture should include a straight back,
with chin drawn back
and pelvis arched a bit
to open the back of the neck
and also the base of the spine.
Also, hold the shoulders and chest open
by moving elbows a bit away from the body
and allow the internal organs to open down.

Breath breathes itself
but returning attention to the breath
can restore concentration.

Sensations flow and shift
centering on the spine, nervous system and brain
with some overarching orientation
perhaps from the posture.

Feelings usually stimulate thinking
wish fulfilling daydreams and planning are common
try to see the source of feelings and thinking
as they occur, and are allowed to pass.

Invite mindfulness and meditation
observe boundlessness emptiness openness
within your changing context and sense of location.
Of it all, what is the Self?

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