Zazen Instruction

Prefaces help focus before Zazen.

Sit in a very stable, erect posture
with eyes half open and directed down,
just being with whatever comes up,
without getting distracted or letting anything bother you.

When you realize you are distracted, or bothered
note the apparent cause, but bring your attention back
to include and relax your body, emotions, and mental activities,
being aware of your breathing, passing thoughts, and sensations.

Many meditation methods focus
on the changing present moment's breathing, perceptions, and sensations
on thoughts about spirit or self or intensions,
on feeling acceptance and appreciation for life, energy, being, God.

Zazen just notices the changing present moment,
just sitting, without any gaining notion,
without trying to get better or get ahead
or to realize anything in particular.

In Zazen, if you sit long enough,
you may forget yourself, still being yourself.
You may experience your living energy and consciousness
extending into the space surrounding you.

Smile to yourself, and treasure every moment
just noticing the changing moment.

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