Alternative Guides toward Shikantaza

To begin, we first review 30 lines attributed to the Buddha,
from the Anapanasati Sutra on full awareness of breathing
and follow this with an exercise in the Dharma of Breathing, Circulating Qi,
or chi/energy, as advocated by Maezumi Roshi
along the spine and chakras particularly the head,
swallowing or following meridians to return qi to the hara.

notes on 6 hour seminar with Gil Fonsdale and Victoria Austin, on using the breath in mindfulness

Gil gave good if unhearable talks, centering on Anapanasati Sutra
Victoria gave good if impossible talks, centering on body and posture and koans?

softening mind, like warming wax, but with attention to breathing

body breathe mind -- experiencing whole body/ peace whole body
african watering hole analogy; come to the hole instead of chasing around looking throughout the forest
breath is the analog of water hole, mind of animal
be present with breath as it is
pleasure joy new experience many variations
relaxing body formations
relaxing mind formations

but dont get carried away
dont try to reach any of the above
dont be in a hurry

a common misconception difficulty = resistance
to identify anything as a problem is a danger
if you are only comfortable without problems or difficulties, you are not really free

quality of mind, vs what is mind
quality of ???, vs what is ???
danger of fixating, vs allowing mind to be open

180 degree reversal, turning eyeballs around
what is it like to be having those thoughts, feelings, perceptions

movement toward happiness and joy in meditation, over the years

mind control, like cat control -- how do you train a cat?
learn to distinguish between
painful but instructive
painful and harmful
For notes on the gist of the talk, click on Alternative Guides toward Shikantaza

We conclude with comments on Still, appreciate your life, and shikantaza.

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