Ego's Ownership

Our laws define and make ownership legal
while our egos are infested with
thoughts and emotions about what we own.

Our understanding of ownership is largely egocentric
and much of what we do, almost every task
is undertaken with the expectation of getting.

Most concretely, we expect to earn a living and get paid
less tangibly we hope to satisfy some desire
or, on an emotional basis, to get appreciation and recognition.

As managers, we "own" processes, tasks, products and even people
to build with pride and enthusiasm
and take credit for the results.

Our feelings of ownership extend
to our families and relationships
and to all of our possessions.

But in one's wavering attention to the present
there is only awareness of being alive and acting
with feelings, thoughts, perceptions, sensations, and impulses.

An ancient emperor asked a Zen master
"How much merit have I accumulated
as a result of my many donations and contributions?"
The master replied, "no merit".

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